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Benefits to Perry Farm Village Association Membership:

  • Insurance on common elements from outside Unit envelope (drywall out)
  • Maintenance of streets, parking lots, driveways, parks, sidewalks and landscaping in common area yards, such as:
    • Maintenance
    • Lawn care
    • Lawn irrigation & maintenance of system
    • Lawn fertilization
    • Standard landscaping and seasonal trimming
    • Snow plow/shoveling of Unit sidewalks, driveways and front walkways
  • Trash removal
  • Recycling
  • Cable service
  • Internet wireless connections for Perry Center, Condo/Apartments & Cottages
  • Local Information channel 900
  • Access to /use of common areas in Perry Center:
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room w/fireplace
    • Media Center
    • Game Room
    • Billiards
    • Outdoor Patio
    • Outdoor game areas in summer
  • Maintenance of common element exterior lighting
  • Managing, maintaining, improving & replacement of any common element
  • Full 24 hour access to Perry Center Wellness/Fitness Center
  • Activities and Wellness Coordinator on staff
    • Access to:
      • Personal Training
      • Wellness Classes (Resident discount)
  • 24 hour access to Resident Care Staff for “urgent needs”
  • Nurse on site Full time and on call 24 hrs to staff
  • Emergency call button located in each home with option of pendant
  • Use of Perry Farm Village Transportation at no additional charge for local trips
  • Access to Dining Services and Executive Chef
  • Dining Service Private party options and catering
  • Optional Meal delivery services
Please Call (231) 526-1500 for more details graphic